Interested in having your event at Carillon Brewing Company’s Bier Hall?

- The Bier Hall seats up to 75-80 people.
- The set up for a Bier Hall is 8-10 person tables or 3 long tables of up to 26 each. Any other set up of the tables may incur additional cost for the labor of rearranging the tables.
- You are able to bring in your own desserts. If you would like a server to cut and serve the dessert, there is an additional charge of $1 per person.
- We discourage the practice of bringing outside food (other than desserts) for a Bier Hall event. We have the ability to accommodate food allergies, vegetarians, vegans and other food options.

*Prices do not include sales tax (7.25%) or 18% gratuity.
*The rental fee is $250 for Fridays and Saturdays, $100 Sunday through Thursday
*The rental fee is non-refundable and includes 4 hours of event time.
*Final guest counts are due 10 days before event and all catering needs are to be paid in full at that time.
Once the total has been paid there will be no refunds for a reduced guest count.
*Beverages or other items purchased the evening of event must be paid in full before the event end.

Please contact our Scheduling Desk at 937-293-2841 ext. 127
Or email