Now Hiring!

March 5, 2016 :: in home slider, news/events, Recent Work, Uncategorized :: 0 comments

We are looking for new folks to join our team to help serve “History by the Pint.” This is a one-of-a-kind job that blends together restaurant service, history, beer, conversation, and dress-up. From greeting guests and getting them inspired about the 1850s to serving food and utilizing it as a…

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Regional Award Win

July 23, 2015 :: in news/events, Recent Work, Uncategorized :: 0 comments

In July of 2015, Dayton History was happily awarded the Association of Midwest Museums’ Best Practices Award. The Association was mostly impressed with how the addition of Carillon Brewing Company provided guests with a sensory, educational experience. As a museum, this is a huge honor. Being recognized by museum professionals for the hard…

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Beer Garden Now Open

May 3, 2015 :: in news/events, Recent Work :: 0 comments

Carillon Brewing Company is happy to provide a Beer Garden perfect for summer drinking and dining. While the Beer Garden does provide a very different atmosphere than inside the Brewery, it is still a historical one. During the 19th Century beer gardens opened up across America. Harkening back to the…

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Institution of the Year

April 6, 2015 :: in news/events, Recent Work :: 1 comment

At the 2015 Ohio Museums Association (OMA) Conference, Dayton History was voted the winner of the Institution of the Year Award thanks to the help of a letter of support from the Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The OMA was particularly impressed with the addition of the Carillon Brewing…

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History by the Pint

March 24, 2015 :: in news/events, Recent Work :: 0 comments

Carillon Brewing Company serves history by the pint. Each pint of our house-made beer is made just as it would have been in the past. We start with historical recipes to create each historical drink. Then, historical varieties of malt and hops are used to make sure the recipes are…

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Oven Fresh: Spent Grain Bread

January 28, 2015 :: in news/events, Recent Work :: 0 comments

We are happy to announce that each Monday and Tuesday spent grain bread will be baked in our brick bake oven. On these days you can watch each step of the bread making process happen before you. Stone ground wheat and spent grains from the brewing process are mixed with…

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Now Serving: Root Beer

October 27, 2014 :: in news/events, Recent Work :: 0 comments

Step back into 1850 with a cool glass of traditional, spiced root beer. Brewed last week in our copper kettle, this non-alcoholic drink is rich with flavors of molasses, licorice, cinnamon, sarsaparilla, and vanilla. Served over ice for $4 a glass or $16 for a growler fill.

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Forks, Knives & Plates

April 24, 2014 :: in news/events :: 5 comments

Forks, knives, and plates may seem like simple, basic things to select for a restaurant. However, when that restaurant is historically themed, they become complicated pieces that must be researched. Each item is being investigated to see if it both fits historical style and can withstand modern restaurant use and…

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Floors with a View

April 24, 2014 :: in news/events :: 0 comments

Look what’s going down today—the floor! When you visit you will have two places inside to dine and drink, each with a different vantage point. The main level will put you in the heart of it all. The second floor will put you almost eye level with the brewing equipment….

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Heirloom Grains

April 24, 2014 :: in news/events :: 0 comments

Barley once was a dominant crop in Ohio. Specifically here in the Miami Valley, farmers grew barley varieties brought with them from their homelands (Ireland and Germany) or native to the area here. Many of those varieties were ideal for malting. We’ve been working to research those varieties and investigate…

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