From the five rivers, beer, wine and cider flow

At Carillon Brewing Company we bring you the tastes of Dayton’s past. The immigrant settlers of the 1850s found Dayton to be much like home (England, Ireland, Germany) but lacked the drinks for which they longed. At the crossroads of agriculture and industry, they found resources and opportunity to begin brewing their own beer, wine, and cider.

We are the nation’s only production brewery in a museum. Each batch brewed is a historical recreation of the earliest brews made in Ohio’s breweries. Here you can time travel with each sip!

We recommend a flight of 4 beers for $7 to get a taste of history.

1850s: Carillon Brewing Company
Our ales use grain that has been floor malted just as it was done in the 19th century and, when available, Ohio-grown hops. All brewed in open copper kettles, fermented in oak barrels, and unfiltered. As a result, our brews all feature varying levels of tartness from the wild yeasts and bacteria that join in on the fermentation. Prior to the enclosed stainless steel systems of today, most beers were sour as the porous nature of the barrels and open kettles allowed for these wild fermentations to occur. We take great pride in being able to replicate that same style of brewing so you can have a genuine historical adventure with each beer. Batches vary each time and as seasons change. We invite you to try a flight every time you are in to find out which brew is your favorite for the day.

Coriander Ale– This 1831 recipe is a mild, pale ale of a biscuity base with notes of citrus and peppercorn. Hot peppers provide a slight finish of peppery warmth to cure what ails you.

Sour Porter– Named for those who worked to carry/ deliver goods, this 1862 ale is a combination of the strong ale flavors with the drinkability of a small ale. A historical mix of light and dark malts provide a medium body with roasted coffee and chocolate flavors highlighted with a slight hop bitterness and a pronounced sourness.

Prohibition Survivors: Various Heidelberg Distributed Beers
The long years of Prohibition may have shut down the production of most American breweries, but some survived. In fact, those that did, thrived and made a big name for themselves. Many turned America’s newest grain, corn, into a light, cold-served lager. Backed by hefty marketing campaigns, these kings flowed into households and event arenas.

Craft Brewed, The New Brew: Local Craft Beers and Various Heidelberg Distributed Beers
These beers represent the next chapter in America’s beer history. From nationally distributed to locally brewed, they offer unique craft brewed flavors founded in tradition yet experimental and fresh.

Availability changes daily. Ask your server what is currently available in bottle or on draft.

Carillon Brewing Co. Concord
The Miami Valley historically claims two wine grape varieties: Catawba and Concord. In 1870, over 2.5 million gallons of wine were pressed in Ohio. Vineyards decorated the landscape. The closest was on the glacial moraine south of Dayton. We are excited to share that we are now serving and selling Carillon Concord. Get carried away with this semi-sweet wine made with aromatic Concord grapes from the rich Ohio River Valley. A tart beginning is followed by a polished body. Fermented and finished in American Oak, it is a brilliant pairing with a savory, comforting meal.

Take a growler of our historical recipe beer home today. Purchase a 64 ounce Carillon Brewing Co. growler or a 32 ounce howler and bring it back each time you visit for a refill.