On Tap


Taste beers from different points in history and see how they have changed from ales of the 1850s through the drinks of Post-Prohibition to today’s craft brews.

On Plate


Savor foods that tell the stories of Dayton’s earliest immigrants that shaped the historic brewing industry—English, Germans, Irish.

On the Fire


Watch steam billow from copper kettles, feel the heat of charcoal fires, and smell the malt wafting through the air as each hand-stirred batch of brew is crafted in front of you.

Cleaner than Water!

News & Events

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Today (and really every day) we at Carillon Brewing Company celebrate the long...

Now Hiring!

We are looking for new folks to join our team to help serve “History by the Pint.”...

St Patrick’s Day at Carill...

  Celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) the historical way. Irish band, Dulahan, will be...

Regional Award Win

Earlier this week Dayton History was happily awarded the Association of Midwest Museums’ Best Practices Award. The Association was mostly...

Beer Garden Now Open

Carillon Brewing Company is happy to provide a Beer Garden perfect for summer drinking and dining. While...

Institution of the Year

Last weekend, at the 2015 Ohio Museums Association (OMA) Conference, Dayton History was voted the winner of...

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